The battle is never ending. Am I right or am I right?! There are days we feel like we are drowning in the monotony of the daily grind and we just can’t stay on top of it all. Keeping a house clean is hard work!! But trust me, it’s even more work if it is procrastinated. I have experienced it first hand!

So yeah, my house stays pretty clean. Whatever. I get the same comments all the time. “Is your house always this clean?” “It doesn’t even feel like kids live here.” “How do you stay on top of it all?”

And even- “I wish I was this anal.” πŸ™ˆ

I am not a freak who cleans my house all day every day and can’t enjoy a get together because I’m more worried about doing dishes than playing board games with my people. No way. I keep it real, but the reality is that cleanliness is easier than you’d think!! I have contemplated the science it has become for us to keep a tidy house (most of the time, not always!!) and thought I would share my tips for keeping a house clean even when it’s full of kids! You ready?

  1. MAKE YOUR BEDS EVERY MORNING. Even your kids. Make it a requirement before breakfast. Teach them to do it. Let them do it. Before you know it, you wont even have to ask! Plus- It is proven that people who make their beds are happier. It’s science! πŸ˜‰image
  2. DO A COUPLE LOADS OF LAUNDRY EVERY DAY. It doesn’t take long. Do it between doing other things. But make sure you fold and put away. Finish the process. Then it never piles up!! (Unless you’re on vacation, then it’s worth it. 😜)image
  3. CLEAN UP AFTER EVERY MEAL. It’s so tempting to take your full belly and tired self and plop it on the couch after eating. But take 5-10 minutes, EVERYONE, and make it a family job to clean up dinner. Load dishes into the dishwasher, do big dishes, wipe counters, do a quick sweep. If everyone helps it goes quickly and then you can ALL relax together.Β image
  4. MAKE YOUR KIDS CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES. Every morning and every night I require my kids to put away all their clothes, toys, blankets, shoes, backpacks, etc before they can do anything “fun”. They just know that’s the load they tow now, so they just do it.image
  5. DEEP CLEAN ONCE A WEEK. It usually takes us no more than 2 hours. My husband and I always mop, clean bathrooms, and windows. Our kids empty garbages, vacuum, and dust. I usually pick one “other” chore too. (Clean out the fridge, organize a closet, wipe floor boards, weed, etc) Β Once again, enlist the help of your family. Make it a fun time together. Turn up the tunes and dance through it!imageimage

It may not be pretty when you begin implementing these things, especially if you and your family aren’t used to it. But trust me, it gets easier the more everyone pitches in and before it becomes overwhelming! I can always pick up and be ready for company in the drop of a hat. Now that is peace of mind. ✌🏻️

All of this being said, find a routine that works for YOU, and remember- none of us are perfect, and some days we have to enjoy the moment and look past the sink full of dishes. πŸ˜‰





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