I get so many questions about my coffee table, and people are schocked when I tell them I made it! And you can too! Woot!!


Heres how it’s done.

Buy a lack coffee table from your local IKEA… Unless you have one on hand! (Side note- The price went up since I bought mine a few of years ago! πŸ’” 😭)


Go to your local Home Depot and buy three sample size Behr Paints in these color-matched colors: Revere Pewter, Ashwood and Texas Leather. (You can even cheat and leave out the third. I didn’t use it much.)


While there, snag a tiny can of this: (it can also be dark walnut)


a box of these:


-AND- Β SIX 5.5 inch wide wood planks. Have your Home Depot guy cut them to 48.5″ long.

Make sure you have a drill (with a philips screwdriver attachment) some paper towels and a paint brush (I used disposable foam ones). Now we are ready to begin!

  1. Sand, clean and then paint the ENTIRE lack coffee table (minus the very top as it will be covered with planks) with REVERE PEWTER. (Or you can choose to leave it white… I had the black lack so I painted it.) When dry, put it together.
  2. Lay out your planks. Sand them down, wipe clean and then beat them up on the top. I wanted a reclaimed look, so I beat them with a hammer and chipped the planks with the back side of the hammer.
  3. Stain the top and sides of your planks (only one side will be showing) using your special walnut stain. This will bring out the wood grain.
  4. Β After the stain dries, water down each of your paint colors in a paper cup (about 1:1) until very runny so they become more like a stain. Take turns layering them on the planks, over the stain, in thin coats with your sponge paint brush (I went darker to lighter). Wipe after each stroke with paper towels as you go along. Make sure you let it dry between layers. When you achieve the desired color, let dry completely.
  5. Apply 3 coats of wax to planks. I used this:image
  6. Measure evenly and drill 2 screws into each end of the planks – straight into the coffee table top. Just make sure you are at least 2.5″ in from each end on each plank so you hit the table with your screws. πŸ˜‰Β imageimageimage

Don’t you love my little model? 😍❀️

You can caulk between planks if you’d like… I didn’t. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Easy enough, right?! Now you should have a beautiful, sturdy coffee table that all of YOUR friends will be asking YOU about! 😘





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  2. I’m doing this to my old lack table after seeing this, I absolutely love it! I already have Behr ultra white wall paint with a satin finish, do you think I could use that?


    • You really can use whichever paint you’d like! The process remains the same, it just may turn out a tiny bit different as far as finish!

      Glad you like it and glad I could help! Let me know how it turns out! xx


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