It’s always tough to order something online- especially a big furniture purchase!! You can all empathize, I’m sure! So if you have been considering a balustarde coffee table, I am here to tell you that this one is the BEES KNEES. It is solid reclaimed pine wood and gives you the look of the Restoration Hardware balustrade coffee tables for under HALF of the price!! Winning!


We ordered from and it arrived so fast!!! We only had one little hiccup- two of the screw holes on the bottom didn’t line up. I called overstock and they gave me $150 back and I just took 2 minutes, drilled new holes and it worked out just fine! Their customer service is great. 👍


The table comes in “black” or “white”. This is the white. As you can see, it’s not WHITE. I could see in pictures and reviews that it is more of a taupe- or light tan. It is basically a whitewashed/gray washed natural wood look.

image image image

Make sure you measure, though, because this thing is BIG!! We love this feature because now both sofas can access the table without having to slide it one way or the other!image

I am am in love with the size, beauty and statement this table makes. We are overall in love with it!! Hope you like it, too. 💕

Link to purchase: Winfrey Coffee Table





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