3 Tips for a Tone on Tone Front Porch

I believe a porch should always be an echo of your interior… a peek into the style of your home. Its no secret that I love white! Many times you’ll see different colors popping up all around a porch or patio, especially the colors of whatever season is at hand. But if you love one tone, (white or neutrals for me), there are other ways to achieve visual diversity. I’ll share with you three tips for a tone on tone front porch!


TEXTURE: Texture is a great way to break up a porch with all one color. Notice the bumps on the pumpkins, the spotted look of the mums, the smooth, pointy antlers. Play with texture.


THROW IN SOME GREENS: Greens are always in style and go with any neutral items you could use. These boxwood topiaries remain on my porch year round, and they work with anything I add to them. They break up the white in this case, and tie in the greens in the flower pots.


PICK (at least) 3 DIFFERENT DECORATIVE OBJECTS TO WORK WITH: If I had all white pumpkins, it would appear boring to the eye. But having a variety of types of decorative objects will make it exciting to look at. In this case it’s topiaries, mums, pumpkins and antlers. It could also be a bench or chair with a white pom throw, lanterns, a cute sweater pillow (texture too!) or some fall figurines.


Remember that the main idea is to keep your front porch inviting for the guests so that they are excited to be there and feel welcome in your home!




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