Pillows, Pillows, Pillows!

Pillows… they’re what makes a space look and feel cozy. They’re the easiest way to switch out your decor or color scheme and they’ll help you change the look of a room for a minimal price! We all love them… and if you don’t love them, learn to love them! 😉 A space is completed by pillows.Below I will be sharing the sources of some of the affordable pillows in my home, as well as some of my favorite pillow shops!

A good start is to purchase a handful of anywhere from 16×16-24×24″ pillow inserts.

Feather inserts are more comfortable and look better on display. (You know that little crease in the top of stylists’ pillows? You can’t achieve that with cotton.) I usually stick to 20×20″ because they are pretty universal! The best pillows inserts I have found for the price are IKEA duck feather inserts and H&M duck feather inserts both under $10/each!


Once you have your inserts you have the freedom to buy any cushion covers you choose! I change them out with the seasons or with my mood and keep a stash of all of the cushion covers not being used in an extra cabinet. This is getting exciting, right?!!

But where to shop for pillow covers?

For seasonal and personalized pillows I shop none other than Porter Lane Home . Her pillows are of amazing quality and she has a plethora to choose from. She has pillows covers for every holiday, every themed room or even just to put your favorite quote on. They can blend in with any design style! I have several of them in my home and you will see more of them from me as the holiday season commences! Can’t wait!


Happy Halloween Pillow }

My next secret is one that I have been using for quite some time and I love it so much it’s hard to share it!! H&M Home . Some people don’t even realize H&M has a home department. Most places don’t have a store, but you can shop it online! Their pillow covers are constantly changing and they’re very affordable! You can change out your look frequently- guilt free. 🙂


{Most pillow covers above are from H&M.. Number Pillow from Porter Lane Home, and Sweater Pillow from IKEA. Below are some of my H&M picks from their current stock.}


Next secret- I love to find new Etsy shops! Not only can you find very original designers, but you can also find high end designer looks for much less. And the best part? They’re from SAHM’s trying to help with household income, or people who pursue it as a hobby who are amazing at what they do! You can search more shops than you can count on Etsy, but some more recent ones I have found that I LOOOVE are Studio Pillows , Bead and Reel and Cruel Mountain Designs . Each have designer looks at affordable prices!


Black and White Floral Pillow from Studio Pillows , Brushstrokes Grid Scandinavian Pillow from Bead and Reel. Solid black and geometric pillow covers from current and past H&M stock}

Lastly, TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Marshalls. Enough said. I inserted the basic store finding links for these because you cannot shop them online and each store has different inventory. But their deals are no secret, and you can find some great quality, designer pillows for great prices! And they almost always have European pillows and pillow shams if you’re looking to complete a bedroom!


{All quilted Euro Shams in our master found at TJ Maxx}


{Burlap Antler Pillow in my son’s room}


{Coral floral pillows, white faux fur pillow and yellow floral pillow ALL found at TJ Maxx and Homegoods for my daughter’s room}

Hopefully my secrets will help you achieve the look and change you’ve been craving through pillows!




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