Tips for Making Your Holiday Guests Feel Welcome

We all know that holidays are an awesome time! Family and friends come from near and far to gather together to celebrate all things good. It’s a time for relaxing, eating, laughter and games! You want your guests to feel welcome. If you are hosting a gathering, here are some things to make sure you don’t overlook:

  1. Cleanliness. I don’t mean your food and kitchen. If you’re cooking, it’s bound to look like a bomb went off (in a good way)! I mean clean the insides of your toilets, vacuum, wash the windows and mirrors. Maybe run a lint roller over your fabric couches. Then  after your holiday meal, clean up lightly… (clear and wipe tables, sweep) but don’t let dishes consume your night. Rinse and stack and save for later. Take the time to sit down and enjoy your company.image
  2. Smell. You may get used to the smell in your own home and may overlook the musty smell of wet laundry sitting there for days, or the smell of your pets you love (but need a bath), or the dirty rag smell in your sink. Make sure after you clean, as listed above, to light a yummy smelling candle or place a wall plug-in.imageunnamed-1
  3. Temperature. Not too hot or too cold. Just right. I would say comfortable enough for a cozy holiday gathering would be about 68-69* F, but you know your guests. Just remember, things heat up if you’re cooking or have a house full of bodies! {If you have guests staying the night, make sure to drop the temperature at night.}image
  4. Background Music. Never let there be awkward silence. Tasteful holiday music playing softly in the background can make the ambiance seem welcoming and cheery! Dust off the iHome or bluetooth speaker and get your playlist or pandora station ready. 😉 image
  5. Attitude. Your view on the evening will make it or break it for your guests. Be happy and try to look past stressful moments with a smile! It’s a short time-frame to make lasting memories!

Wishing you a happy holiday season filled with joy!





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