The Juju Hat

We finally got Christmas taken down and tucked away, and everything back in it’s place. Always a refreshing feeling! Right between our two big windows in our main living area we previously had a large, silver sunburst mirror. I have been wanting to incorporate a Juju Hat into my decor for quite some time, and as soon as this incredible Juju hat arrived from OldWorldShoppe on Etsy, I knew it needed to be displayed where it can be seen! It may move above my bed at some point, as originally planned, but for now, I love it here!

For those who don’t know, Juju hats are traditional African tribal headdresses but are used in modern decor to symbolize prosperity, beauty and the fragility of life. They come in all different colors and sizes!


This particular Juju hat is a 31″ ivory and can be found here.



It may still eventually move above my bed, like this amazing example of my cute friend @michelle_janeen’s bedroom. Gorgeous, right?!


These are great quality and so much more beautiful in person. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!




*Post may contain affiliate links. Juju hat was provided to me, but opinions are my own*


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